Night Locust

The Kindly Reaper

Kalara's right-hand man.  Night Locust rose through the ranks of a clandestine organization of child assassins in Nexus before being ordered to kill his best friend to show his loyalty to his masters. His refusal to do so made Sol Invictus smile upon him.

He met Kalara after being curious as to why the Guild would try to hire him to arrange an 'accident' for her. He took it upon himself to pitch to her that she needs better security and pledged that his blade would always keep her on the path of good, whether that would be to battle her enemies...or to keep her from straying from the path of righteousness.

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Kalara Vadras

The Uncrucified

Kalara rose up from the slums of Gem, an amancipated slave, a Guild nuisance, and eventually a murderer of her surrogate father, the Guild Factor that had adopted her, or so her detractors in the Guild might claim.

Sol Invictus knew of her innocence the day she was to be executed, one stake already pierced through her hand as she blinded all with the glory of her Second Breath.

All who witnessed the eclipse over the execution square in Nexus that day would know of her innocence, the rest would fear the quiet rebellion whispers of her tale would begin in the cities beyond.

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