Community Resources

A collection of resources of community meeting places, comics, podcasts, fanfic picks, and more. The Podcast and Actual Play descriptions were written by Aramithius from their fantastic compilation of resources on reddit, which I’m extremely grateful for.

  • Quickburned by Raeliyah - At death's edge, Dawn Caste, Caleb Raith, finds himself haunted by his past crimes, while his Sidereal ally, Lysistrata, tries desperately to pull him back from the brink.  Rae has an amazing way with words that immersed me in this character's deep sense of regret.  As ever, I'm also a sucker for Righteous Devils being badass!
  • Main Exalted Discord - The official Discord server for all things Exalted.
  • Onyx Path Discord - The official Discord server for the publishers of Discord, featuring a dedicated subsection for fan art sharing and Exalted discussion.
  • The Forge of Wonders - A Discord server dedicated to Exalted-inspired fan creations, artists, writers, etc. (I'm a co-founder/mod here)

  • Systematic Understanding of Everything - Systems and setting primer for Exalted 3e and Exalted Essence. Also does occasional book reviews and interviews with Exalted developers.
  • The Wondrous Atlas of Creation's Destiny - Lore and story hooks podcast. Goes over a different aspect or location in the Exalted setting each release, with separate episodes for lore and story hooks on each topic.Full disclosure, Aramithius is one of the hosts of this show.
  • Exaltwich Nexus - YouTube only, done by the RPGClinic crew. the story of a Circle of Solars and various other Exalted as they explore Nexus and begin to change its social fabric. Begun before the core book was released.
  • Exaltwitch Academy - Another RPGClinic game, this time Dragon-Blooded at the House of Bells. They change from Ex3 to Essence part-way through, with mixed results. Available on both YouTube and as a podcast on the general RPGClinic feed.
  • Fall of Jiara - Dragon-Blooded actual play, in one of third edition's new locations. Hosted on The Story Told podcast feed, so may take some digging up if you look for it on a podcatcher.
  • FateBreakers- Exalted Essence mixed splat game.
  • Full Party - Another YouTube only Solars game, done by Beanduck with some of the RPGClinic crew. It starts in Port Callin, not sure where it ends up.
  • Hymns of the Unconquered Sun - Solars actual play by Devil's Luck Gaming, focusing on a Calibration story, using both Ex3 and Essence. Twitch-only.
  • Immaculate Chaos - Available on YouTube and as a podcast.
  • RPGBlender - Solars (and eventually mixed-splat) game run by folks new to Exalted.
  • Sponsored by Nobody - has a bunch of Exalted games, alongside others. Has focused on Exalted as a setting, and individual games change between using Exalted rulesets, Godbound and EvWoD. Some of their games feature Holden Shearer.
  • Swallows of the South - Solars actual play, in the South.