Frequently Asked Questions

The best place to start is with the THE UNCRUCIFIED: SECOND BREATH, which is an introduction to the story which will eventually be adapted into comic book form.

However, the story that started it all is called MEMOIR OF KALARA VADRAS, THE UNCRUCIFIED and was published in 2016. This story is now outdated and I have shared it for posterity. See the Library for more info on other THE UNCRUCIFIED drafts and related stories.

The Circle of Solars referred to in MEMOIR OF KALARA VADRAS, THE UNCRUCIFIED are characters from the original Exalted 2e campaign that inspired Kalara's creation, with MEMOIR alluding to some of their past adventures which haven't been written out in story form yet.

However, you can read recaps of our epic adventures in city-building and battling Deathlords here!

Enthusiastic yes! I've already seen a cool write-up for Kalara's guns and some amazing fan art I've featured in the Fan Art Gallery. Drop me an email to submit your images to be shared on this site. However, if you're planning to make any kind of profit from your fan works, see the next FAQ entry.

Credit THE UNCRUCIFIED online as "The Uncrucified" by Angela R. Sasser.

Tag THE UNCRUCIFIED on social media as:

Please ask permission before selling fan creations or including elements of THE UNCRUCIFIED in for-profit ventures, as I need to approve these kinds of things first to ensure that they do not misrepresent the characters or appear as 'official' merch that might confuse fans and readers.

Examples of commercial use include, but are not limited to:

  • Streams which earn ad revenue, such as Affiliate and Partner Twitch accounts.
  • Prints, tshirts, and other merch
  • Stat sheets sold on the Storytellers Vault, DM's Guild, etc.
  • When in doubt, drop me a line.

I have plans to sell my own THE UNCRUCIFED-related homebrew on the Storytellers Vault, so I ask that you do not sell anything specifically related to my stories and its unique characters and locales there. Creating your own versions for your own private games is fine, as long as they are not being sold anywhere. Sharing your free stat sheets publicly with credit back to me elsewhere is perfectly fine! Please link me so I can see, appreciate, and share your awesome works!

Yes! As long as you are not using any of THE UNCRUCIFIED's related characters and locales for commercial purposes.

Otherwise, I encourage you to check out my upcoming Storytellers Vault game resources for THE UNCRUCIFIED to include in your game and have fun on your epic adventures! Drop me a line because I'd love to hear about them.

I sometimes like to dabble in alternate universes where characters take a different path. Abyssal Kalara is non-canon (so far) and represents the 'what-if' world where Kalara was transformed by the Deathlord, The Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears, into the Deathknight, The Crucified Dreamer Veiled in Truth. Learn more about The Dreamer here.