Exalted Character of the Week

The Exalted Character of the Week Challenge began in 2023 as a way to celebrate all the cool characters the fan community of the Forge of Wonders Discord server has created.  Everyone who submits to the challenge is eligible to choose the next round’s featured character! 

Read more about the challenge in the challenge channel and its pins of important info.

What is the Forge of Wonders?

The Forge server welcomes artists, writers, and crafters of all skill levels to celebrate their creations inspired by the Epic Martial Arts Fantasy world of the Exalted TTRPG setting from Onyx Path Publishing and White Wolf Games.  We strive to help each other grow with dedicated critique channels and also enjoy hanging out in casual chatting and art sharing channels. 

Join us here!  This invite is open to everyone, though the server is less focused on mechanics and more on artistry, lore, and fanmake.  System and mechanics debates fit better in the main Exalted Discord server.

Character of the Week 2023

Character of the Week 2024