The Crucified Dreamer Veiled in Truth

This alternate universe version of Kalara spends her time wandering Creation nurturing revolutionaries and visionaries then leading them to their beautiful deaths after they follow her pursuing their foolish dreams. Those she finds useful, she scouts as possible servants for her Deathlord, The Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears.

Unlike Kalara, the Dreamer was never saved from her death by crucifixion by The Unconquered Sun. Rather, the Lover came to her in her final moments after a torturous three days and nights and offered her a chance to equalize all in the embrace of death.

Art Notes + Fan Art Guidelines

  • The Dreamer has crucifixion wounds in both hands and both feet that never heal. She tends to ‘dress them up’ with jewelry and henna.
  • NSFW fan art is ok for this character! She’s very BDSM-themed as-is. You know she gets up to some kinky vampire stuff.


The Dreamer prefers gold and finery usually with a subtle skeletal theme. Gold, fire opals, and garnets suit her well. The three tears below her eye, however, are not makeup, but etched by blood ink into her skin when the Lover ‘welcomed’ her as an Abyssal. They traced the last tears she would ever shed.

Weapons & Combat Style

The Dreamer doesn’t usually engage in direct combat, much preferring to seduce her victims, but if she is driven to conflict, she utilizes the Laughing Wounds martial art, a set of bejeweled claws, and a segmented whip sword with a blade like sharp gold vertebra as it unfurls.

I have no references for her whip sword or battle claws yet, so go wild with your interpretation!

Iconic Anima

The Dreamer’s aura flares as her crucifixion wounds seep streams of blood that form tendrils and wrap around her arms and legs. The blood also pours to the earth where scarlet Spider Lilies spring up from the droplets. Behind her, a glowing red mandala materializes with the lotus pointed downwards.