Night Locust, the Kindly Reaper


Night Locust grew up in Nexus, a street kid indoctrinated by a clan of assassins who utilized children as unsuspecting spies and killers. Night was the best amongst them at killing without a trace and lived for the admiration he received from his master as their most talented member. Everything changed when he was to train a new recruit, another orphan renamed Arc of Silence who had been co-opted from a merchant family that had been executed for not paying protection money.

Arc would distract Night from his duties with pranks and goofing off, eventually worming his way into Night’s heart as a little brother of sorts. Arc would eventually teach him how to read and that there was more to life than being tools. It was for that reason of developing a weakness that their master ordered him to dispose of this troublesome new recruit. Instead, Night Locust struck back at his master, taking his Second Breath in the act of killing for the life of a loved one.

Afterwards, Night Locust became a free agent with Arc as his manager. Over the next year, he became the ‘reaper’ of Nexus, taking out local crime bosses, while also taking on assassinations as a freelance agent with a particular sense of justice and a knack for handling the most challenging jobs, with Arc as his guiding arrow of morality.

One such challenging job came to him in the form of a contract put up by the Guild to create an ‘accident’ for an up and coming merchant that had caused a stir in Nexus – a radicalized Guild exile who had somehow escaped her own execution to set up a competing guild in a new city. Curious about this strange chain of events and how it might link to his own newfound Solar nature, he took it upon himself to scope out this upstart.

Upon investigating this merchant and seeing for himself her efforts to undermine the Guild and the fact she was hiding a Solar nature similar to his own, he decided to present himself to her by appearing in her office, bypassing her security to prove that their conversation was particularly worth having. Kalara, knowing the Guild would send someone sooner or later to assassinate her, opted to listen.

Night informed her that her security was lacking and that she needed someone like him to do things optimally for her operation. She also needed someone like him if she really wanted to be able to change the world the way she had been telling everyone she would in the speeches he’d seen her give throughout her travels. In truth, Night also wanted to up his own game from crimelords to more influential prey so he could make a bigger difference in the world, himself.

However, he also made Kalara a promise that if she went off the path of good, he would be there to keep her in line, implying heavily that said “line” was the edge of his blade. She responded that would be a much less boring way to die than by petty Guild assassins.

Night currently works as Kalara’s personal bodyguard, head of security for the Pristine Craftsmen (with Arc as his 2nd in command), and leader of Kalara’s black ops, “The Embers” or “Kalara’s Tongues”, as their enemies call them. Night, Arc, and Kalara have grown as close as found family, Night and Arc both appreciating the fact she treats them like people instead of tools and has taken on the role of someone encouraging them to enjoy the small things in life outside of work.


Night Locust may project an aura of calm badassery, but he is a prankster at heart, thanks to Arc’s bad influence, and a keen edge on the battlefield. He uses a pair of short daiklaves for casual encounters and a dual-bladed essence scythe for more serious opponents. He is not a fan of wanton destruction, however, and does his best to avoid resorting to violence. He is the youngest of his Circle of Solars being in his early 20s.


  • His red eyes are an illusion he wears to appear more fearsome. His natural eyes are a plain brown.
  • When he chooses to allow it to appear, his anima banner consists of a swirl of blank ink that dissolves into the silhouettes of locusts that block out all light around him
  • Most of his assassin look was suggested by Arc because it looked cool and Night couldn’t disappoint his little bro. Except for the fact that he refused to wear a flowing ninja scarf, which is what Arc wears, because it gets caught in doors.
  • He is a practitioner of Ghost Eating Technique, which is deeply unsettling for any spirits or gods that come around him.
  • Inspirational Music –


  • Night once killed a Hekatonkhire in our game with a single well-planned blow, completely draining his Essence to get the attack off. If Night hadn’t struck true, he would’ve been killed in the counterattack.
  • Night once impersonated Kalara’s alter ego, the gunslinger Koh, at a trade function to confuse the Guild spies who were getting too close to her secret identity as Koh. Night had too much fun pretending to be the dreaded womanizing King of Thieves, however, to the point rumors now swirl that Koh and Kalara are lovers.


  • No romantic pictures with Night and Kalara. They have a platonic relationship, despite him playfully flirting whilst in disguise.
  • Arc, however, definitely has a crush on Kalara, despite her constant rejection of him because of her policy never to date employees or business partners. The running gag is Arc will quit spy work one day to marry her, while Kalara is intent on never getting married.
  • Feel free to change up Night’s hair, clothes, whatever you like. He’s a master of disguise and will suit any situation to get close to his goals.