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Synopsis: Kalara rose from the slums of Gem, a slave, a heretic, and Guild nuisance who would become a legendary Guild reformer, Queenpin, and one of the Living Saints of the Free City of Dinas Ryhdd.

Some would call her a murderer and Deceiver, but those who learn the apocryphal truth would come to know her as The Uncrucified. Kalara Vadras tells the story of her rise as an Eclipse Caste in her own words in a personal memoir published posthumously after her death.

Author’s Comments: The original story that started it all! This memoir written in Kalara’s own words contains her ruminations on the past housed in a posthumusly published diary meant for the most heretical of readers who dare to learn the truth about Solar anathema.

I wrote MEMOIR when I was still an Exalted newbie inspired by the events of our first campaign in 2016. It contains many lore inaccuracies and references to the events of our Sorrow Resplendent campaign. I’ve left it available to read for posterity.

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